Former FBI agent, now enjoying the "perks" of being a corporate consultant / monster hunter.



Determined face
Tailored suit


Whenever you roll a highlighted rating, mark experience.

Charm: -1
Basic moves: Manipulate Someone Highlight: __

Cool: +3 (incl. Unfazeable)
Basic moves: Act Under Pressure, Help Out Highlight: __

Sharp: +2
Basic moves: Investigate, Read a Bad Situation Highlight: __

Tough: +2
Basic moves: Kick Some Ass, Protect Someone Highlight: __

Weird: +1
Basic moves: Use Magic Highlight: __


Theta Solutions, Inc. (Handler: “Weatherby”)
Goal: power
Resources: Well-financed, Support teams
Red Tape: Dubious motives, Secretive hierarchy

If it seems like they’re just doing the right thing, look again. Privatized men in black? Sure, but not just that.


When you deal with the Agency, requesting help or
gear, or making excuses for a failure, roll + Sharp. On a 10+,
you’re good – you requisition the gear or personnel is
okayed, or your slip-up goes unnoticed. On a 7-9, things
aren’t so great. You might get chewed out by your superiors
and there’ll be fallout, but you get what you need for the
job. On a miss, you screwed up: you might be suspended or
under investigation, or just in the doghouse. You certainly
aren’t going to get any help until you sort it all out.

Unfazeable: Take + 1 Cool (max +3).

Battlefield Awareness: You always know what’s going
on around you, and what to watch out for. Take +1 armour
(max 2-armour) on top of whatever you get from your gear.

Tactical Genius: When you read a bad situation, you
may roll +Cool instead of +Sharp
The Sight (from Spooky playbook)
You can see the invisible, especially spirits and magical influences. You may communicate with (maybe even make deals with) the spirits you can see, and you have more opportunities to spot clues when you investigate a mystery.

It All Fits (from the Flake playbook)
Can roll against +Sharp instead of +Charm when attempting to manipulate someone

Sniper rifle (4-harm far)

Shotgun (3-harm close messy)
9mm (2-harm close loud) – shoulder holster
flak vest (1-armour hidden)

backup 9mm/ankle holster
pick gun
lock picks in small case

DSLR camera, ring flash

Indigo sedan. It’s leased.
(Less-subtle weapons (sniper rifle, shotgun) usually secured in trunk.)

Times leveled up: xxxxx
Luck Used: xx


Team relationships:

They’re on the company’s watch list, and you’ve been keeping an eye on them. [The Flake, Lily; She knows I’m watching her. Sometimes she makes cookies. They’re not bad. Her work in Weird NJ is amusing, mostly.]

You met on a mission and worked together unofficially. And successfully. [The Luchador, El Toro Fuerte ;I know his real name, personality and background.] He helped to get me out of a Mexican jail cell during an FBI operation. It was all over by the time I was released, even with El Toro Fuerte’s celebrity greasing the wheels. After that, I knew I’d drawn the wrong kind of attention from the higher-ups. I was on my way out of the bureau. Luckily, Theta came along before the Top Ramen ran out.

They’ve worked with the company before, and they’re well regarded. [The Hex, I.V. Yount; ] I interrupted her in the middle of her work(a Theta contract, regarding deciphering of high-level mathematical- stuff. All I know is that I ended up in a Kansas cornfield. There was also that one time when she was possessed and I shot her to drive the demon out. It did work, so…

They pulled you (and maybe your team) out of a terrible FUBARed mission. [The Expert, Kate; My team discovered a legendary magic item (book). There was a magical backfire, and we called her in to figure out what to do about it. I said the words, pretty much! I’m not trained in ancient languages!]

You got sent to “deal with them” as a hazard to the Agency’s (F.B.I.’s) policies one time. Tell
them how you resolved this. [The Wronged; Mad Stan] – Chloroform, a head-bag and a cargo plane to Belize. Got yelled at for not just killing him. The guy has gotten himself on way too many watchlists, and he doesn’t seem to know how to go underground far enough to let things cool off.

He saved my life once, so I did what I could that one time.


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