I.V. Yount, Ph.D.


woman, sharp eyes, hippy clothes

Charm -1
Cool +1
Sharp +2
Tough -1
Weird +3

Burn Everything
Cast the Bones
Force of Will
Sympathetic Token
Tune In (from Spooky playbook)


Containing Ward (runes or symbols, spilling of blood)

Athame (2-harm hand magic silver)
Crossbow (2-harm close slow) (silver bolts provided by Stan)


(I’ll also leave this until we have everyone in)

I.V. goes by her initials, by preference. If pressed, she will identify the “V” as “Vivian” but will not identify the “I” (I have some ideas, but am leaving it open in case someone can come up with something really horrible.)

In the course of completing her Ph.D. in Theoretical Mathematics, I.V. had an epiphany about the nature of reality. Or a psychotic break. Possibly both. Ever since then she has been reverse-engineering magic through the numbers. This has not done good things for her abilty to get published, or even employed, but having found the threads she can’t stop pulling on them. Being self-taught has on the one hand meant that her skills are a bit erratic, but on the other hand kept her out of the control of the conspiracies of magic users. From the few grim/oires of existing traditions she’s managed to obtain, she’s started to see patterns that do not seem quite right. In addition to the conspiracy to hide the supernatural, is it possible that human knowledge of magic itself has somehow been corrupted? Maybe that’s why anyone who becomes too powerful turns self-destructive or evil. Or maybe she’s wrong and just slipping farther into madness.

Apparently she had been banned from the NYC hall of records

I.V. Yount, Ph.D.

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