Woman, stern face, casual clothes


Preparedness: When you need something unusual or rare, roll +Sharp. On a 10plus, you have it here right now. On a 7-9 you have it, but not here: it will take some time to get it. On a miss, you know where it is, but it’s somewhere real bad.

The Woman With The Plan: At the beginning of each mystery, roll +Sharp. On a 10plus hold 2, and on a 7-9 hold 1. Spend your hold to be where you need to be, totally prepared and ready for what is there. On a miss, the Keeper holds 1 they can spend to have you be in the wrong place, unprepared and unready.

Protection Spells: The haven is safe from monsters — they cannot enter. Monsters might be able to do something special to evade the wards, but not easily.
Mystical Library: If you use your library, preparing with your tomes and grimoires, take +1 forward for use magic.
Magical Laboratory: You have a mystical lab with all kinds of weird ingredients and tools useful for casting spells (the use magic move, big magic, and other magical moves)

Magical dagger (2-harm hand magic)
Juju bag (1-harm far magic)
Shotgun (3-harm close messy loud)


Think Supernatural’s Ellen Harvelle meets Ocean’s Eleven’s Basher (if they were hunting monsters instead of breaking into vaults). Those with enough money and power can afford to hire elite teams of monster hunters to protect themselves, their families, and their businesses. Raised in a family of professional monster hunters, Kate slipped right into the family business, working on one elite crew after another. Eventually, though, after a few too many close calls (while working for rich assholes who didn’t give a damn how the job got done or who got hurt as long as they were safe) and after working with a few too many professionals who wouldn’t lift a damn finger to protect anyone who couldn’t pay, Kate cashed out, and bought herself a bar in a tightknit immigrant community on the wrong side of the tracks. She is officially out of the game, and her focus these days is on keeping her little community safe. Not to say that she isn’t occasionally keeping tabs on members of her old crew.


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