Moves cover situations when the game rules step in to help you determine what happens.

Moves don’t cover basic stuff that anyone can do. If your hunter does something that isn’t covered by a move, and it’s something that anyone could do, then it just happens. You don’t need a move to follow a monster down the street, talk to a cop, or break into an empty house.

If there’s something normal people could never do and it’s not covered by a move, then you can’t do it either. For example, your hunter can’t turn invisible at will, or walk through a fire unscathed.

Moves cover the in-between cases:

  • Things that normal people can’t do. For example, casting a magic spell.
  • Things that are dangerous. For example, getting into a fight with a monster.
  • Things that are more exciting if we let the dice decide how they go rather than just deciding. For example, working out whether you sneak past a sleeping dragon undetected.

Many moves require you to roll two dice and add them together (usually adding another number too) and then figure out what happens based on your total. Other moves give you a special ability that you can use all the time, or when certain circumstances appear in the game.

Each move is triggered when a particular situation happens in the game. Look at when the move says it happens, and follow the instructions when you do it.


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