Following are all the “published” playbooks for Monster of the Week. The flavor text from the front page of the playbook is included, along with one or two TV/movie characters as examples (note, though, that characters are highly customizable).

The Action Scientist (Tesladyne, Dr. Benton Quest)
“You may call it the supernatural, but all that means is that we don’t understand it yet. We’ll soon discover what makes it tick. And then I know you will want to destroy it. But consider how much more we have to learn! I’ll just keep it in my lab for a week or two, so we are better prepared next time. Right-ho, the lightning gun is powered up. Are we ready? CHARGE!”

The Beat (Karin Murphy)
“Trust me kid, I’ve seen it a million times: Monsters. That’s Monsters plural, capital M. Do not envy my paperwork tomorrow.”

The Big Game Hunter
“You have been to exotic locals on every continent on the globe, spoken with tribesmen from cultures thought long extinct, seen things no man was meant to see, and yet you crave more. No mere animal could pose challenge to you now. Now you hunt the most elusive and dangerous of prey… monsters!”

The Chosen (Buffy Summers)
“Your birth was prophesied. You are the Chosen One, and with your abilities you can save the world. If you fail, all will be destroyed. It all rests on you. Only you.”

The Constructed (Dorfl, Atomic Robo)
“I am not alive, yet I live. My body is not of flesh, yet I move. I have no heart, yet I feel. I have no brain, yet I think and have purpose …And the will to fulfill that purpose.”

The Divine (Castiel)
“I am the Light, the Sword. I am sent to defend the meek from Darkness. All Evil fears me, for I am its end.”

The Exile
“What is this place? Am I in hell? One moment, fighting the Devil’s spawn sword to claw, the next I am surrounded by all this light and noise. Why are you pointing that at me? And what is it? What manner of clothes are those? Zounds! There’s the creature! After it!”

The Expert (Rupert Giles, Bobby Singer)
“I have dedicated my life to the study of the unnatural. I know their habits, their weaknesses.
I may not be youngest or strongest, but I know enough to be the biggest threat.”

The Flake (Rorschach, The Question)
“Everything’s connected. But not everyone can see the patterns, and most people don’t
even look that hard. But me, I can never stop looking closer. I can never stop seeing the truth.
I spot the patterns. That’s how I found the monsters, and that’s how I help kill them.”

The Hard Case (Brock Samson, Gunn)
“I’ve fought anything normal that can be fought, and I’ve won. Monsters need a beatdown, and there ain’t nobody can give ’em the thrashing I can. So stand back, I got this.”

The Hex (Willow)
“Sure, maybe it comes from a bad place. Maybe it’s a risk. But some of us have to find the power to fight this war by ourselves. I don’t expect those who had magic fall on their lap to understand.”

The Initiate (Ardeth Bay)
“Since the dawn of history, we have been the bulwark against Darkness. We know the Evil in the world, and we stand against it so that the mass of humanity need not fear. We are the Flame that cleanses the Shadows.”

The Luchador (El Toro Fuerte, Santo)
“Although many in this modern world have forgotten the honor of the old ways, I have not. I am more than an athlete. More than a sports star. More then a mere wrestler. I am a hero of the people in the legendary tradition of El Santo. And, when necessary, a fighter of monsters.

The Mad Scientist (Agatha Heterodyne, Walter Bishop)
“Why, yes, I do consider myself to be an expert on the subject of monsters… having created a few of my own. Oh no, don’t worry. I gave up such things and have dedicated my life to eradicating monsters now. Hmm… yes… eradicating them… most certainly…”

The Monstrous (Angel, Spike, Oz)
“I feel the hunger, the lust to destroy. But I fight it, I never give in. I’m not human any more, not really, but I have to protect those who still are. That way I can tell myself I’m different to the other monsters. Sometimes I even believe it.”

The Mundane (Xander Harris)
“You heard about how monsters only pick on people with crazy powers who can fight back on even terms? Yeah, me neither. But, hell, I ended up in this monster-hunting team so I gotta do what I can, right?”

The Professional (Fox Mulder, Myka Bering, Riley Finn)
“It’s kind of strange when your regular 9-to-5 job is to hunt down monsters. Still, that’s the job I got when I accepted that mysterious transfer. It pays well, and the benefits are good. Like they say ‘you don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it sure helps!’”

The Protege (Dean Winchester)
“You think it doesn’t gnaw at my soul? Knowing that my master might still be out there somewhere, suffering? But it doesn’t matter. Someone has to keep up the good fight. I was trained for a purpose, and I intend to fulfill it.”

The Sidekick (Jade, Tara)
“I’m not really that tough, you know? And I don’t know much about the occult or monsters, or this whole deal. But I found a Hero. Someone better than me. And they need a hand now and then, so they can focus on the heroic stuff. And I can learn from them and someday, maybe, I can be a big damn hero too.”

The Snoop
“The monsters have kept themselves from sight, but they’re out there and I’m going to find them. Find them and record them. Then the evidence will be incontrovertible, and I will be the one who did it. I’m going to be a superstar one day, you mark my words! Hey… did you just feel a chill? Quick! Turn on the infrared cameras!”

The Spooky (River Tam)
“I can do things, things that normal people can’t. But there’s a price – I haven’t paid it in full, yet, but the bill’s gonna come due soon. It’s best I don’t tell you any more. You get too close, you’ll get hurt.”

The Summoned (Meg)
“I was called here. Don’t know why. Don’t know where from. But I got this sense: like there’s a destiny waiting for me. I think – real soon – we’re gonna find out why I was called. But I have this feeling it’s for something bad. Real bad.”

The Wronged (John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester)
“They took my loved ones. Back then I wasn’t strong enough to fight, but I studied, trained, and now I’m ready to kill the things that took my loved ones. I’ll cleanse the world of their taint. That’s all I have left.”


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